Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bombay Extra HOT

The last week in Bombay has been excruciatingly hot. I believe that the temperature touched 42 Celcius on one of the days.

Isn’t this evidence enough that Global Warming is truly affecting our planet? Bombay has never had this kind of temperature in early April.

I am flabbergasted that educated Republicans in the United States believe that global warming does not exist and that this cycle of extreme climate is repititional. To even suggest something like that is insulting human intelligence. I am glad Palin/McCain lost - with them at the helm, the environment would have taken a backseat. That being said, I am curious to see what Obama does about the environment. His actions regarding this issue will speak a lot about his character as the environment is an issue that is easy and convenient to overlook.

In India, I would love to see some more awareness about this too. I mean, I watched a fair bit of the news this week. Saw a lot of coverage about elections, cricket, movies but none whatsoever about the heat in Bombay. Personally, I would like some national coverage that spoon feeds our junta about the ills of global warming, over and over. I think that would help.

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