Friday, May 29, 2009

100 word story - It's cold in here

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The irony of the situation made him smile while he sat shivering.

Not too long ago, he was gloating to his friends in Vermont how he was going to enjoy the warm weather of South-East Asia while they suffered a miserable winter.

Out of an uncharacteristic impulse, he decided to score cocaine from some locals at a Singaporean bar only to find out that it was a setup. Somehow he managed to escape and his friend, Ahn, had hidden him in the cold storage unit of Boon Meatpacking Co while the police looked for him.

It had already been 72 hours …

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

100 word story - History does not repeat itself

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“Would you like to play a game?”

“Son, not now, I am really tired.”

The little boy says nothing. His head droops and he trudges back to his room.

Rohit watches his son as he closes the door. He sits down. The incident had triggered some old memories and images of his father flash through his head. He vividly remembers how his father had neglected and abandoned them. Even today, these thoughts fill him with disappointment and anger.

For a while, he is motionless. Suddenly he gets up and walks into his son’s room. History would not repeat itself.

Monday, May 4, 2009

100 word story - What's that red spot?

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He is running as fast as he can ……

Being unemployed for eight months had sucked. But he was going to nail this interview.

“Man - first the bus is late, then this huge traffic jam downtown.”

He decides to run the four blocks to the office. On the way he bumps into a guy eating an egg mcmuffin, but he doesn’t stop. He makes it to the Vice President’s office only five minutes late.

….. later that day

An associate asks the VP “How was the candidate?”

“He was ok. He had this red spot on his tie. Do we have any more resumes?”