Tuesday, April 28, 2009

100 Word Story - A new sport is being added to the Olympics ....

(Story topic from 100wordstories.com)

2044 – 8 year old Sal watches “Superman” Todd Ryder, his father, do a spectacular backside720 to clinch the Gold in the Men’s Half Pipe (Snowboard) at the Winter Olympics …

2068 – Sal is vegetating in his run-down trailer. Within the last decade, the planet has become a dusty oven. Polar Ice caps have almost melted and snow is … as extinct as a dodo.

But Sal is hopeful … almost ecstatic. Now he has a chance to reclaim the lost family honor and fame. The next Olympic Games, to be held in Mojave Desert, have a new sport – Men’s Freestyle Dirt Boarding.

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